Polarium.Land Whitepaper

Consensus Layer

Track land ownership and its content.
PolariumLand will use an Binance smart contract to maintain a ledger of ownership for land parcels in the virtual world. We call these non-fungible digital assets PLAND: each PLAND has unique (x, y) coordinates, an owner, and a reference to the content description file, which encodes what the landowner wants to serve there. PolariumLand clients will connect to the BSC network to fetch updates to the state of the PLAND smart contract.
PLAND is bought by burning POLARIUM, a fungible BEP20 token of fixed supply. This token serves as a proxy for the cost of claiming a new parcel. The PLAND contract uses a burn function to destroy POLARIUM and create a new entry in the PLAND registry. New parcels need to be adjacent to a non-empty parcel.